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Ivan Caryll

Computer Generated MIDI Operas

"The Cherry Girl" (1903)

Music by Ivan Caryll (1861-1921) and others.
Lyrics by Aubrey Hopwood (1863-1917)

ACT I   -   "Once upon a Time ..."   (See synopsis of scenery for further details)

ACT II   -   "A Hundred Years Ago ..."   (See synopsis of scenery for further details)

Lyrics to songs: 1  2  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  17  18  20  22  23  24

Some of the omitted music and lyrics may be added later, subject to determining the copyright situation.

Song no. 18 was composed by Manuel Klein (1876-1919).
Song no. 3 was composed by Harold Samuel (1879-1937) and is therefore inhibited by copyright until 2008.
Song no. 16 was composed by John W. Bratton (1867-1947) and will likewise remain under copyright until 2018.
Song no. 19 was composed by Sydney L. Perrin, who in collaboration with Bob Slater also composed item 21.
Song no. 23 was written and composed by Bernard Rolt, and Garnet Wolseley Cox contributed an extra un-numbered duet.
I am still seeking information on the copyright situation for these four composers.

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This music is presented here in the belief that it is free from any current copyright restrictions relating either to the original author or to the composer.  It is intended primarily for your listening entertainment and/or pleasure.  If you wish to use any of it for other purposes, or know of any reason why it should not be included here in this form, please send me an email.

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