Colin M. Johnson's Music and MIDI files

Computer Generated MIDI MUSIC
by Colin M. Johnson

My replacements for Alfred Cellier's long-lost music to "In the Sulks" by Frank Desprez (1880)

No. 1 - Song - Georgina 10.8 Kb - 2 mins. 05 secs.
No. 2 - Duet - Liverby and Georgina 14.3 Kb - 2 mins. 29 secs.
No. 3 - Trio - Georgina, Liverby and Joseph 10.3 Kb - 1 mins. 17 secs.
No. 4 - Finale 7.5 Kb - 1 mins. 09 secs.

Or why not download a ZIP file containing the above 4 items in Midi Karaoke format?   This will allow you to follow the lyrics, provided you install the necessary vanBasco's Karaoke Player which you may obtain free of charge from their website.

You can also download a ZIP file containing the full libretto as a Microsoft Word Document.

This music is intended primarily for your listening entertainment and/or pleasure.  If you wish to use any of it for other purposes, please email me first.

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