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Ivan Caryll

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"Kissing Time" (1920)

Music by Ivan Caryll (1861 - 1921)
Book by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse
Additional lyrics by Clifford Grey

ACT I   -   Garden of Georgette's Villa, Fontainebleau.

ACT II - Scene 1   -   Garden of Georgette's Villa.

  • No. 10 - Opening Chorus - "Wouldn't you like us all to help you? ... What is he reading?  Oh, look here! ... Somebody took my cookery book! ..."
  • No. 11 - Trio - Georgette, Colonel and Max - "Oh, how wonderful 'twould be, you must agree, if, when next I pay a visit, I should see half a dozen kiddies playing..."
  • No. 12 - Song - Bibi - "Gosh!  women are the hardest propositions!  You plead with them for hours and they don't care;  they listen to the silv'ry voice of reason..."
  • No. 13 - Duet - Lucienne and Max - "Joan and Peter met one night and thought they'd take the floor.   Peter thought her sweeter than any girl he'd met before..."
  • No. 14 - Finale - Scene 1 - "Some day never forget I may marry you yet,  I've not quite decided to surrender, but I will, provided you are tender..."

ACT II - Scene 2   -   Outside the Café des Alliés.

  • No. 15 - Song - Lucienne - "Won't you tell me 'love' in your realm above, why you won't let us pass you by?  We are bound to fall when we hear you call..."

ACT II - Scene 3   -   Interior of Café des Alliés.

Song no. 17 was composed by W. Redstone.

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